Bob Thomas

Actor & CEO of Sports Fan Podcasts

Bob Thomas is a radio personality, actor and writer. He was one of the top radio announcers in Knoxville, Tennessee for 25 years. He had the highest-rated midday radio show in the United States for over 16 years. As an actor, he appears in many films and hundreds of commercials, and wrote several episodes of popular tv shows of Lizzie Mcguire. Watch demo reel

He is father of teen actor Jake Thomas, and became CEO of Sports Fan Podcasts.

We helped Bob Thomas and his team to set up a huge website that is now used to share podcasts from fans talking about their favorite team. Sports Fan Podcasts has over 140 website's about all different teams in the United States. With over 70 podcastsers, with over 200 podcasts, thousands of listeners and iTunes support Sports Fan Podcasts grow fast in the past few years and is still growing every day.

We from Webstyle Center created a special system to make it possible to manage all those teams and their podcasts with just a few clicks, without needing to logon on every domain. With the automatic update system, changing one file means changing over 140 website's.

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SportsFanPodcastsSports Fan Podcasts
A webpage to upload your podcast about your favorite team! Over 140 team sites all working together with just one system. A easy to manage configuration panel making it easy to manage. This with a nice web 2.0 layout for (famous) podcasters.


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