Confidential info handled securely

As an actor, artist or manager, you work with alot of confidential information. Sometimes you need to share some of this information with webmasters when information needs to be on a website as soon as the news get public. For example, you star in a new movie, and you want to have that put online on Monday, most web design companies ask you to send the information before that day. This means that you give confidential information to others, creating the risk the information gets leaked to public.

We at Webstyle Center can offer you a control panel, so sharing this information is not neccisary. With an control panel, you can keep the information yourself, and add it to the site with just one click. You don't need to have any knowledge with website technoligy or with computers.

With the Webstyle Center Control Panel, you have full control on all your information that is public to fans and visitors.

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