What makes web design so important?

Web design is more then just the look of the website, it's the design, it's how it works, and what functionality it has for both the visitor as you. If the site is about you, the design needs to let the visitor know it's about you, and not about a company next door. We make sure as soon as the visitor visits the website, it will think that you are someone special.

We see that in most of our sites the picture page is the most visited page of the website. This means that most visitors of actors and artists website's are interested in seeing things, and not reading things. With our skills, the visitor can see things directly when they visit the site. Just because it's the design it self!

Just after that first thought, the visitor/fan will look further on the website. Only then it will start reading the site for some interesting information, and we will make sure they can read things they are interested in, with just a simple click. We don't want people to learn how the navigation works before they can use it, they simply should see how it works within a few seconds.

With a good look and good navigation, we also make sure the visitor comes back. With functions like a member page, where fans can meet each other, or even meet the person where it's all about. With good moderation, easy and special designed tools both the visitor and you are enjoying the site!

And with this all, visitors will become fans!



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jake thomas