How we can work for you

Webstyle Center makes sure that the communication between us is kept to a minimum. With our experience on making web design for actors, artists and managers we know how your website can be used for promotion to directors and as entertainment for fans at the same time.

Because the website goes about a person, not a company, we first start with some questions we send to you. After a small set of questions and answers, we know what kind of actor, artists or manager wants to have a website, and what kind of site fits with that person.

After we know who you are, we start working on a design that fits most with you. For actors, we mostly use pictures of the actor in our design, and make a few examples of different designs we can make with it. Once we have an example, we send you a preview version.

These preview versions are there to show you what we are creating, even when it's not yet finished. You’re not required to comment, but if you do, we are able to change the design in early stages. For example, if we create an orange looking site, and you want it blue, we can change it before we lost much time.

Once we both agreed on a preview, Webstyle Center will finish the design, and starts working on the techniques and functions you wish the site has. We give a suggestion set of what we think is a good combination of web pages and functions for the website, and you can say what you want or not want.

As soon as the functions and techniques are created and optimized for your website, the website can be launched. The website automatically gets promoted from our site, and will be added in most search engines like Google and Windows Live Search.

In just a short notice, fans will know where to find you, and will use the functionality of the new website, and find the info they want.

After the site has finished, we make sure the site keeps running, and that we can help you update the site with updated info. When needed, this functionality can be made possible in a control panel, available for moderators of the website.

In short: After we talked about what kind of site you wish to have, we send you previews while we create the new website for you. Once finished, your website will be promoted on this website, and added to most search engines. We keep maintaining the website, but we also support a control panel for the moderators so you can edit the site yourself.

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Send us an email or fill in this form if your interested in talking with us about what we can mean for you.

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