Our Web Design service explained in Q&A

Q: What service gives Webstyle Center?
A: After we talked about the actor/artist or manager we create a unique web design. Besides the design, we also make the website itself, with all the functions you need. Unless you want different we manage everything what depends on the website. You send us the info we need, we put them online.

Q: Do I need to be a technical computer user to understand the process?
A: No. We make sure that you don't need to perform any steps, making sure that you don't need to do any technical.

Q: Do I need to spent hours on emailing about the website?
A: No. We make sure that communication is kept to a minimum. With our experience on creating websites for actors, artists and managers we know what kind of site fits with you, and what functionality it should have.

Q: How much control do I have when the site is being created?
A: When we create the website, you can keep track of our progress. If you wish to have things changed during the progress we change it before it was finished. This makes sure that we don't lose time during the creation, and that we don't finish with a design you don't like.

Q: What kind of site does Webstyle Center recommend for teenage actors/artists?
A: For teenage actors and artists we recommend an interactive website. Besides that directors can find the information they need easily, the site focuses on the needs of teenage-fans. Fans between the age of 10 and 25 want to be able to get in contact with their fans. Think about functions like a forum, chatroom and Question and answer that can be used to communicate between fans and the person. It sounds that those communication functions ask much time, but with the tools we create and manage it's just a few minutes of your time.

Q: What kind of site does Webstyle Center recommend for non-teenage actors/artists?
A: For (young) adult actors and artists having a portfolio website is the best solution. For this kind of person, a chatroom, forum, Question and Answer would be nice, but doesn't get the "success" it needs. A website that only represents the person should be enough.

Q: What kind of information should be displayed on my webpage?
A: Your website will be your promotion place online. Information about who you are, what you do, what you did, and what you're going to do in the future are the basics for your website. Media, like videos and pictures make the site more interesting for most visitors. The more information you show about your career the more interesting you are. During the website develop process we help you to put the right information on your site.

Q: What makes Webstyle Center different from other web designers?
A: Webstyle Center only creates websites for actors, artists and managers. Many web designers simply try to create a web design for every kind of person or company. They aren't specialized in making functions and designs in the interest of fans, and the needs of actors and artists. With our experience in web design for actors and artists we make the functions of your best interest.

We also don't work with templates like many others do. A template is a basic website, that is being filled in with just a few photos and some text. This kind of site doesn't represent any bit of the person that it is about. A web design specially created about the person makes the site unique and special, and promotes you even more!

Q: Why do I see "Web design by Webstyle Center" on your websites?
A: We try to keep the costs for promotion to a minium. To do that, we put a link to our website below every website that we create. This link is just one line of text, that does not attract the persons attention in any kind of way. Only people interested in a web design for their own notice it, and might click on it, and will note leave your site. We don't put any logo's or other text on your site. On your request, we kan keep the link away from your site.

Q: Wil my site get into the search engine results, like on Google?
Yes. In most cases, you will be the first search result in Google and other search engines.



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