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Thomas looks to strike chord with HSM franchise

"Yesterday was a first for me," Jake tells. "It was the first time I had to sing for an audition. It was an interesting challenge for me, but I think I was up for it." Thomas performed for casting agents looking to fill the lead role of High School Musical 3, which will be the swan song for the current "HSM" cast, but not the end of the "HSM" franchise.

"This is their last hurrah," Thomas says. Thomas is auditioning for the lead male role, a part that would, essentially, fill the void when Efron‘s character is gone from movies beyond "HSM3." "The character I am auditioning for would take over Zac Efron‘s (function). He would be the new star basketball player at the school," he says. Thomas fancies himself a singer but not much of a dancer. He‘s also not much of a fan of "HSM" or any other musical for that matter. "I‘m not one who gives into hype," he says with a laugh when asked if he was a fan of the previous "HSM" movies. However, "I did watch ’Sweeney Todd,‘ and I liked it a lot," he says. His next project is the TV western movie "Aces N‘ Eights," airing later this month on the ION network (the channel formerly known as Pax). Jake Thomas co-stars in it with Ernest Borgnine.





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