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New Jake Thomas website comming soon!

We are happy to announce that in the next few weeks a new design will be released for

The current design is used for over three years, and while it did have some picture changes, the overall look was kept the same. The new design will make the layout completely different.

The new design, a dark blue colored site, will make the site look more cooler then it is right now. The new site will focus on the career of Jake Thomas. The header no longer scrolls with some pictures, it's simply showing several screen shots from Jake Thomas in movies or TV Shows.

With more community integration, and more direct linking, the site will not only look much and much better, it also will be more easy and fun to navigate to. With more info about the movies and TV Shows, Jakes new website will be a source for all the information you want.

We expect to release the new site in the beginning of August. The site will have no down-time. So you will not be stopped from visiting, because we are under constructions.





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