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Jake Thomas stars in ER

Eighteen year old actor Jake Thomas (LIZZIE McGUIRE, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE) is the lead guest star on ER, Thursday, April 17th at 10PM/9PM CDT on NBC. Jake plays a character who is suspected of beating his father. The episode is entitled "As the Day She was Born."

Jake also had an interview with Knoxnews:

Thomas says he found working on "ER" quite a different experience from what he is used to. "They run a very tight ship on their stage, but I guess that would be expected after the 14 years the show has been on the air," he says.The "blocking rehearsals (were) done quickly and camera equipment set up with the same amount of speed."The pace of shooting did not compromise the quality of the production, he says. "Sometimes it really felt like they were racing some other crew, but what was amazing is that even with what looks to me as haste, every shot was done perfectly," he says."This is a result of working with your crew long enough that you know how to get things done efficiently. 'ER's' cast and crew are a set of real professionals, and they know their stuff."... Read more

In the next 4 weeks, Jake Thomas will be shooting a new feature film "The Assignment" in Salt Lake City. More about this comming soon!





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