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New Jake Thomas Demo Reel

Posted on: 2008-12-04

If you thought the days of Jake Thomas were counting after Lizzie Mcguire, then think again. With almost every audition being accepted, Jake keeps himself busy with new shootings every two weeks.

Besides his recent Cold Case episode, he also has been working on other TV shows like hit-series: House, Rules of Engagement and Lie to me.

Because of all his new appearances during the past month, a new demo reel has been placed on their website. So if you couldn’t see him on TV, check out his new demo reel.

Watch Jake Thomas Demo Reel


Take a Wok website released!

Posted on: 2008-11-15

Sometimes Webstyle Center works on website’s that are not connected with webdesign for actors or artsist. Today Webstyle Center released an website for an restaurant in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, where people can eat fast-food from a wok.

The website that we made for Take a Wok helps the restaurant to get more customers. Introducting yourself on the internet is the most important thing these days, since every person looks on the internet for information before it really goes to a place. They want to know if the restaurant is decent, interesting, what they can expect, and want to know why they should be going to that restaurant, and not the one next door.

With an unique up-to-date design, we made sure that those visitors looking for information are able to find the thing they want to know, and get to see everything about the restaurant in the first few seconds. A first impression is very important, and since we are using photos from the restaurant and even an video, visitors can feel that they are very welcome and they can enjoy their stay at the Take a Wok restaurant.

With an quick overview on all the information about the restaurant, and a direct view on how it looks at the inside makes sure when people visit this site, they want to visit the restaurant.

The English version of the site is soon available, Dutch visitors can go to:


Jake Thomas in Cold Case

Posted on: 2008-10-19

Actor Jake Thomas is guest starring on COLD CASE, this Sunday, Oct 5th at 9PM/ (8PM CDT) on CBS.

Coming off his dramatic performance in COLD CASE, Jake is currently shooting the main guest star role on an upcoming episode of another CBS show, but this one the sitcom, Rules of Engagement with David Spade. Jake says his goal in his career is to continue doing a balance of comedic and dramatic roles.

Jake is still seen in episodes of "Cory In The House" on the Disney Channel and soon in the film, "The Assignment." .


The latest browsers

Posted on: 2008-09-04

In the past few months there have ben alot of talking about new browsers and their new functionality, but what makes these browsers so important for your daily surfing?

An important thing of a webbrowser is that it displays every website like it should be. The best way to do that, is by following the web standards. However, some browsers did not really care about the importantance of those standards, untill 1,5 years ago, when Firefox became popular.

Firefox started to read the web like the webstandard told them to, and because of it's popularity, webdesigners needed to change there websites also accourding to those standards. More browsers came, but Internet Explorer was left behind.

With Firefox 3 released, and with almost more Firefox users then Internet Explorer users, it was time for Microsoft to bring a new browser that finally browse like it should be. But if they improve enough to get those Firefox users back? We don't really think so.

However, we do think people won't stuck themselves with Firefox either. With Google Chrome just released a few days ago, this browser is already showing amazing things, on it's first beta release. With nice Winodws Vista WPF effects and a new way to handle things, with a clean layout, we think that his browser makes many people interested to give it a try. And with that, those Firefox users might be convinced to use this new browser, and Internet Explorer users might too.

With this browser was happening right now, it's important as webdesigner to make sure that the websites work on all these browsers. We will make sure that all the website will keep working like it should be, and that we make use of the advantace of those new browsers when enough people are using it. But one thing is for sure, a good browser application was as never as important as it is right now.


New website for Jake Thomas released

Posted on: 2008-08-01

Webstyle Center proud to announce that the new website for Jake Thomas has been launched! With an totally new design and setup, Jake’s website is up-to-date with the latest info, and the latest techniques to display that info in a nice way.

The new site focuses more on Jake's career, and how to communicate with him. Directors are able to just click on demo reel or there interesting subject and read what is most interesting for them.

For fans we have made a similar experience. With just one click they can communicate with other fans or send their own question to Jake Thomas himself! The member section is no longer the most go through page to access the forum, chat room and Question & Answer. This because we made the forum, Q&A public for all visitors. This means you don’t need to login to read the latest answers or forum posts. Only when you want to access the chat room, or send something, only then you need to login.

With pictures all over the website promoting Jake’s career, and making the communications wide open, we think the site will bring lot’s of more visitors and fans for Jake Thomas.

Besides all new features, the website is cleaned up, old info has been removed, the website will be more easy to handle, and work on all computers in all scenarios. The site comes to every W3C validation, what means all standards are being used without any errors, what means the site runs the same as it would run on Windows 95, as on Vista, Mac or Linux.

We hope you all like the new website, and if you have any comments, we sure like to hear them!


New Jake Thomas website comming soon!

Posted on: 2008-07-11

We are happy to announce that in the next few weeks a new design will be released for

The current design is used for over three years, and while it did have some picture changes, the overall look was kept the same. The new design will make the layout completely different.

The new design, a dark blue colored site, will make the site look more cooler then it is right now. The new site will focus on the career of Jake Thomas. The header no longer scrolls with some pictures, it's simply showing several screen shots from Jake Thomas in movies or TV Shows.

With more community integration, and more direct linking, the site will not only look much and much better, it also will be more easy and fun to navigate to. With more info about the movies and TV Shows, Jakes new website will be a source for all the information you want.

We expect to release the new site in the beginning of August. The site will have no down-time. So you will not be stopped from visiting, because we are under constructions.


New website released for Simms Thomas

Posted on: 2008-07-09

Simms Thomas, mother of Jake Thomas, has a new website created by Webstyle Center. This portfolio website, shows all the information a director or fan wants to know about Simms. With a nice compact looking design, all attention goes to the picture of her on the right, and all the info on the left.

Visit the website:


Web Design Bob Thomas released

Posted on: 2008-06-23

Bob Thomas

Today, Webstyle Center released the new web design for Bob Thomas. This portfolio website is created for Bob Thomas to display all interesting information about Bob Thomas in a nice compact design.

With a large picture on the right of Bob Thomas the site really promotes the actor, and interests people to read all the info. With a small but easy to use navigation, people and directors can find the information they need in just one click.

Visit the site about Bob Thomas here:


Mozilla releases Firefox 3.0

Posted on: 2008-06-18

After months of testing, Mozilla finally released it's third release of Firefox! With improved security, support for all web standards, and an amazing fast web engine, your experience visiting websites was never so good.

More and more websties, including some websites made by Webstyle Center make websites that use advantice of this new browser, and Internet Explorer 7 and 8, and no longer support Internet Explorer 6, a browser that is still being used alot. So make sure you have your computer running the latest browser for the best web experience!


Microsoft mentions Sports Fan Podcasts

Posted on: 2008-06-05

In the May 2008 release of the Internet Explorer 8 newsletter, Microsoft mentioned Sports Fan Podcasts as a good example website that shows off how the webslice functionallity can be used on websites. We noticed an increase in webslice pings on our site directly, what simply tells that people are interested in this function.

Earlier Post:


Sports Fan Podcasts extends webslice functionality!

Posted on: 2008-06-04

Sports Fan Podcasts is one of the very first websites that intergrates the new webslice functionality of Internet Explorer 8.

In the past two months, we only showed you the webslice functionality on the "Keep-up-to-date" page of every team.

This page is more used for people that don’t have an up-to-date computer, so they don’t see rss feeds or the itunes feed by default.

From today, the first podcast on every team is added inside an webslice div. This means that you can slice the first podcast of your favorite team, without having to visit the "keep-up-to-date" page. As soon as that team has a new podcast, you will get notified, and see all the podcast details directly in your favbar!

Give it a try on: NASCAR Podcasts


Listen to your favorite sports podcasts

Posted on: 2008-05-29

On Sports Fan Podcasts (web design by Webstyle Center) you can find many sports teams full of podcasts uploaded by their biggest fans. Because Sports Fan Podcasts has over 140 teams, we would like to show you a list of current active podcasters

Listen to these podcasts with iTunes, your favorite rss reader or with Internet Explorer 8 Webslices!


Web Design Southeastern Book Club released!

Posted on: 2008-05-21

Today, Webstyle Center launched the new website for the Southeastern Book Club.

The website is designed with bright colors and nice fonts to attract woman. On July 1 this year, the Southeastern Book Club will release the new book, The Secret Layer, written by Simms Thomas.


Website Webstyle Center updated to new layout!

Posted on: 2008-04-29

Today we relesed a new layout for our own website, Webstyle Center. The new layout feels more professional and finished compared to our previous layout. The new website gives more focus to the important pages on our website, and shows shorter information about why we think actors should get a web design from us.


Sports Fan Podcasts ReLaunched!

Posted on: 2008-04-19

Today we relesed the new layout for Sports Fan Podcasts and all it's teampages. The new layout improves the user experience and focusses on the podcasts. Using the benefits of the latest browsers, Sports Fan Podcasts is the place to be for your sports podcast. Find out more about what we improved, and if your running Internet Explorer 8, be sure to use the new Webslice functionality on our website!


Jake Thomas stars in ER

Posted on: 2008-04-10

Eighteen year old actor Jake Thomas (LIZZIE McGUIRE, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE) is the lead guest star on ER, Thursday, April 17th at 10PM/9PM CDT on NBC. Jake plays a character who is suspected of beating his father. The episode is entitled "As the Day She was Born."

Jake also had an interview with Knoxnews:

Thomas says he found working on "ER" quite a different experience from what he is used to. "They run a very tight ship on their stage, but I guess that would be expected after the 14 years the show has been on the air," he says.The "blocking rehearsals (were) done quickly and camera equipment set up with the same amount of speed."The pace of shooting did not compromise the quality of the production, he says. "Sometimes it really felt like they were racing some other crew, but what was amazing is that even with what looks to me as haste, every shot was done perfectly," he says."This is a result of working with your crew long enough that you know how to get things done efficiently. 'ER's' cast and crew are a set of real professionals, and they know their stuff."... Read more

In the next 4 weeks, Jake Thomas will be shooting a new feature film "The Assignment" in Salt Lake City. More about this comming soon!


Sports Fan Podcasts gets new look!

Posted on: 2008-03-28

In the past few years, the system of Sports Fan Podcasts improved itself to a system that handles over 140 team site's with just a few clicks. Without having to download or install any application. In the very near future this podcast site will have a major layout update, so it uses all latest technologies of all web browsers.

We expect the new layout to be launched in mid-April.


Jake Thomas Chat Transcript March 2008

Posted on: 2008-03-15

On March 15, Jake Thomas held an chat with all his fans. Many fans joined the chat, and asked him many questions. Read the Jake Thomas Chat Transcript 03-2008


Sports Fan Podcasts adds Webslices

Posted on: 2008-03-12

Sports Fan Podcasts, with actor Bob Thomas as CEO, now allows Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) users to use their webslice technoligy! With webslices you can be notified when changes happen to a part of a webpage. For example, on Sports Fan Podcasts we allow you to be notified when new podcasts are available. Unlike RSS Feeds, webslices will show you the website itself, but only the part that interests you. So you will see the exact same top 10 lists of latest uploaded podcasts like you see it on the website, and it will have the same functionality! And it also looks nice, it fit's easily with your daily web surfing. If you run Internet Explorer 8, try to show the latest podcasts in webslice


Jake Thomas stars in hit show ER!

Posted on: 2008-03-09

In a press-mail from Jakes management, the following news got told to the world: "Currently Jake Thomas is shooting a leading guest star role on ER in the show's first episode to be produced after the writer's strike. An air date for the episode has not been released."

Like with Jake's guest star in Without a Trace, we are sure this can be an amazing episode of ER. If we receive more information about Jake's appereance, we'll let you know. Accourding to Wikipedia, this first episode might be shown on April 10 2008.

More information about:
- tv show ER
- Website of Jake Thomas


Thomas looks to strike chord with HSM franchise

Posted on: 2008-03-07

"Yesterday was a first for me," Jake tells. "It was the first time I had to sing for an audition. It was an interesting challenge for me, but I think I was up for it." Thomas performed for casting agents looking to fill the lead role of High School Musical 3, which will be the swan song for the current "HSM" cast, but not the end of the "HSM" franchise.

"This is their last hurrah," Thomas says. Thomas is auditioning for the lead male role, a part that would, essentially, fill the void when Efron‘s character is gone from movies beyond "HSM3." "The character I am auditioning for would take over Zac Efron‘s (function). He would be the new star basketball player at the school," he says. Thomas fancies himself a singer but not much of a dancer. He‘s also not much of a fan of "HSM" or any other musical for that matter. "I‘m not one who gives into hype," he says with a laugh when asked if he was a fan of the previous "HSM" movies. However, "I did watch ’Sweeney Todd,‘ and I liked it a lot," he says. His next project is the TV western movie "Aces N‘ Eights," airing later this month on the ION network (the channel formerly known as Pax). Jake Thomas co-stars in it with Ernest Borgnine.


LIVE CHAT with Jake Thomas

Posted on: 2008-03-03

Saturday March 15 at 10AM Pacific Time, Jake Thomas is going to chat for one hour at his website.

Teen actor Jake Thomas is most known from the tv show Lizzie Mcguire, but he also appiered in many tv commercials, tv shows and movies, including the movie Artificial Intellinece, Christmas Vacation 2 and The Cell. He also made a impressive appereance in the tv show Without a Trace. Jakes new movie, Aces and Eights will be first-aired at March 15 on ION Network. Because of that, Jake Thomas is going to do a live chat with his fans.

To join the chat, visit the site of Jake Thomas, enter the website, and click on members. Sign up or login, and you will be able to join the chat!


Website Joshua Swigart released!

Posted on: 2008-02-01

Today we launched the new website for Joshua Swigart. This website helps Joshua Swigart to keep in contact with his fans through a forum and chatroom, and displays information about Joshua in a nice design.

Find more about the website at:


Website Rolling Dutchman Productions released!

Posted on: 2008-01-02

We are proud to announce the release of a new design for Rollingdutchman Productions. A Dutch website about group that makes short films can enjoy the big improvements on their site. For the next few weeks we will be working on a new website for actor and singer Joshua Swigart. After the site release


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